ISSN 2410-5708 / e-ISSN 2313-7215

Year 8 | No. 23 | p. 5 | October 2019 - January 2020




MSc. Xiomara Valverde Hernández



The National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, Managua (UNAN-Managua) is in a constant process of evaluation and continuous improvement; it is for this reason that the professors of this Alma Mater dedicate part of their time to research on different themes to contribute to the development of the country.

The professors’ concern for the different problems comes to respond to the needs in a multidisciplinary way at the country level: in the same way, we respond to the axes of the National Human Development Program promoted by our Government.

It is important that professors can continue researching in social, agriculture, information systems, education, environment, among others with the aim of responding to the problems existing in each of the aforementioned areas.

It is for this reason that the researchers faculty at UNAN-Managua continue to contribute significantly to the development of the country together with the Government of Reconciliation and National Unity.